The BWAHS elected new officers for the 2015-16 year at the Annual Meeting held in June.  The new officers are,  left to right;  Secretary - Sheila Rummer, President - David Briggs, Vice-President- Dale Clingenpeel, and Treasurer-Glenda Bloomquist.  The BWAHS thanks the out- going officers for their service to the Society.  Out-going officers are Patricia Gillis, Karen Giles, and Joel Colbry.

breckenridge-wheeler area historical society

2015-2016 Board of Trustees:

President, David Briggs        
Vice-President, Dale Clingenpeel  
Secretary, Sheila Rummer
Treasurer, Glenda Bloomquist

Trustee, Linda Chapin

Trustee, Joel Colbry

Trustee, Gale Cole

Trustee, Karen Giles

Trustee, James Gillis

Trustee, Patricia Gillis

Trustee, Dale Kemler

Trustee, Carrie Schaub
Trustee, Nancy Shankel